Michael Matveenko


+7 (495) 185-59-10


Moscow, Russia


August 2016 - June 2020

Polar Exploration Expedition Deputy

Director of commerce and marketing
Participation in tenders.
Negotiating with customers.
Pricing policy of the enterprise.
Marketing policy.
Control of contracts.
June 2008 — September 2015



Moscow, www.geotechcom.ru/

Implementation of the budgeting system in all enterprises of the Holding.
Development of forms of management reporting.
Consolidation of holding budgets.
Control of budget execution, approved regulatory indicators.
Control of receivables.
Accounts payable management, debt restructuring.
Methodical management and coordination of activities of the enterprise.
Working capital management.
Control contractual discipline of enterprises.
Determination of the need for credit resources.
Banking and non-bank financing.
Work with export credit agencies.
Control over the execution of credit, leasing and insurance contracts.
Control covenant.
Tax planning.
Russian and international reporting.
M & A.
Technical listing on the LSE in 2011.
Drawing up long-term and short-term financial models of the Holding for founders and external users.
Protection of budgets to shareholders.
Implementation of a budgeting system based on Oracle Hyperion.
Consolidation of accounting holding on the basis of 1-C. Unified accounting policy.
Implementing a centralized treasury system based on 1-C Consolidation.
Introduction of a 1-C base agreement negotiation system.
All 1-C systems were interconnected.
BIG-4 audit.
Getting the S & P rating in 2013.
Getting Moody’s rating in 2013.
Servicing the loan portfolio of $ 500 million, denominated in rubles and foreign currency.
Issue of long-term bonds in the amount of 6 billion rubles. in 20013g.
The placement of five-year bonds in the amount of 3 billion rubles. in 2013
Inclusion of placed bonds in the Lombard list of the Central Bank.
Issue of exchange bonds in the amount of 14 billion rubles. 2014
Membership in the Board.
Preparation for delisting on the LSE, followed by listing on the Moscow Stock Exchange.
Turnover 24 billion rubles.
The number of 12 thousand people.

October 2003 - April 2007

Moscow, www.alaxar.ru
Development of management reporting forms of the Holding.
Statement of management accounting of the enterprise from scratch and automation based on 1-С.
Financial block and warehouse accounting.
Statement of management accounting of branches and automation on the basis of distributed 1-C accounting.
Branches in Yekaterinburg, Volgograd, Kiev, Minsk.
Automation of accounting at 2 production enterprises of the Holding.
The introduction of a barcode system and automation under 1-C.
Consolidation of holding statements.
Setting up a budgeting and business planning system and automation based on 1-C.
Control of budget execution, approved estimates and compliance with standards for working capital.
Receivables management.
Control of overdue receivables.
Description of business processes of the enterprise.
Development and implementation of a unified accounting policy of the enterprise.
Methodical leadership and coordination of activities of all departments of enterprises.
Personnel policy in the field of financial and economic activities of the Management Company and branches.
Development of job descriptions for all employees of the enterprise.
Control of the accounting, legal services and IT.
Control contractual discipline of the enterprise.
Establishing a tax planning system.
Building a legal scheme of the Holding Company from scratch using various economic and legal subjects of the Russian Federation, individuals and foreign companies.
Negotiation and documentation for loans.
Control over the execution of credit agreements.
Placement of free funds of the enterprise.
The economic analysis of the financial and economic activities of the enterprise in order to identify internal reserves, control and reduce costs.
Analysis of investment projects, project control. 2 large projects on the sale of land and real estate, as well as one project on the organization of production were implemented.
Representing the interests of the company in the courts and regulatory bodies.
Conducting an audit.
Protection of accountability to shareholders.
The company's activities are wholesale and retail trade in imported finishing materials (glass wall covering, paint, glue).
The leader in the market segment in the CIS.
Number of subordinates - 11
The growth of the Company's turnover over 3 years is 5 times.

February 2003 - October 2003




Inspections of financial and economic activities of enterprises of the holding (accounting, management accounting).
Verification of compliance of technological processes.
Control of drawing up and execution of budgets and business plans of divisions.
Consultations on accounting issues. Consultations on financial law.
The scope of the company - Production and sale of agricultural products.

June 1998 - September 2001


East European Partners LLC
Chief Accountant

50 people
Production of non-standard electrical equipment and equipment for export.
Recovery of accounting for the previous period.
Setting and maintaining accounting, tax
reporting to the western shareholder

June 1998 - September 2001


Holding "Jenty"
Internal Auditor
Checking the correctness of accounting and intra-corporate (managerial) accounting at the branches, taking into account the operation of the enterprise, closing errors in the field, consulting (Belarus, Russia, Ukraine). Development and implementation of regulatory documentation for management accounting, business analysis, development and implementation of schemes, the solution of individual personnel issues related to the activities of reporting units. The number of 3500 people.
Development of financial schemes.

December 1993 - December 1996

NP-Service LLC
Chief Accountant

Accounting. Tax reporting.



Moscow New Law Institute, Moscow
Civil law
Belarusian State Economic University, Minsk
Accounting, analysis and audit in industry

Advanced training


Oracle Hyperion Planning
NVision Group
QlikView Business Discovery
Optima Consulting
IFRS Courses
Financial Academy

Key Skills


Russian - Native
English - B2
Poland - B1


Accounting Statements Budgeting Management Treasury Corporate Finance Tax Planning Raising funds Cash Management Financial Management Financial Reporting Financial Planning Financial Control Financial Management Administrative Management Crisis Management Management team Management Accounting Management Reporting Economic Modeling Consolidation of financial statements Estimation of investment projects Invest Credit agreements insulating planning Budgeting Risk Management Coordination of Economic Analysis IPO Bond contracts Audit Staff